Saturday, June 23, 2007


I'm here in the Kansas City area for my Doctor of Ministry program. It didn't start out too well. Two days before I left, the hard drive on my laptop computer crashed. This would ordinarily be cataclysmic, but I had backed up my hard drive shortly before and I was only missing a couple of weeks worth of work. Fortunately, I have drafts of most of the missing work because I e-mailed the office or in the case of sermons, I have the podcasts.

I packed very carefully, and I was proud of myself that I had forgotten nothing. Then, when I got to the TSA screening at the airport, I was horrified to discover that my laptop was missing! I had packed the power cord, but forgot the computer itself!

A call to my wife was to no avail. She had already gone to her hula class and the calls went to voice mail.

Fortunately, I called my assistant, who agreed to pick up the computer and deliver it to me. I am so incredibly grateful to him!

Backing up a computer is very important. But also knowing that you have people who will back you up is a great comfort.

And knowing that Christ is backing me up at all times is the greatest comfort and blessing of all.

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Andrew Conard said...

Pastor Tom - I am sorry to hear about your laptop, but glad that you made it to Kansas City. I hope that you feel welcome at Resurrection. It was a blessing to be with you briefly yesterday.