Friday, October 16, 2009

Flavors of Kailua - First Take

As I was driving down Kailua Road, I saw a sign for a new place in Kailua called Flavors of Kailua, featuring shave ice and Chicago Hot Dogs.

I decided to check it out. I discovered that it is located on the corner opposite Zippy's on Oneawa Street. There is no parking that is immediately apparent (unless you want to risk the ire of Zippy's management). I figured out that if I went around the block and parked in the public parking structure between McDonald's and Lucy's, I would be just a few yards away. If you know to do that right away, the location is pretty accessible, but it is not intuitively obvious.

I'm not sure what Chicago Hot Dogs have to do with the local flavors of Kailua, but I guess since many residents here are from somewhere else, I was willing to go with it. I tried the No. 1 combination with a Chicago Dog, chips, and a drink, all for $5.50, tax included. The service was what I would call "laconic, local style," but the server/food preparer had a pleasant enough demeanor.

The Chicago Dog was fine, although a little heavy on the mustard. It's not as good as Hank's (or Portillo's in Chicago, for that matter). But it was authentic Vienna Beef, and I didn't have to drive into Honolulu or fly to Chicago.

I was just about to try the shave ice, but as I was finishing my meal, the man behind the counter suddenly closed up the place at 12:45 p.m. (I was eating outside, so I was not displaced). Apparently, he had to respond to the call of nature.

I decided not to hang around.

Overall, the experience itself was actually okay, and the price was certainly good. But is it worth all the trouble to go around the block to get parking and feed a meter? Not sure to try the shave ice first. I would not give it my highest recommendation, but I wouldn't discourage anyone from going, either. Since it is a new business, I would encourage people to give it a try once for the benefit of the doubt. Supporting a local business is in the genuine spirit and flavor of Kailua.

Grace and aloha,


P. S. The latest book I am reading is called UnChristian. It's about why so many 16-29 year olds do not go to church and even think that Christianity is irrelevant. I'll give some more updates as I work through the book.

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